Rihanna, miss Bad Gyal herself, is one of the game's most remixed artists.  Her original music still stands in a class of its own, spanning from pop to r&b, to hip hop, to even some dancehall.  But producers find much joy in flipping the Barbados queen's jams, and doing it quite creatively too.  Here's an hour of perfectly flipped Rihanna tunes ready for rugs to be cut up to!!

Mixed By Frantastik. Hosted by JBOO, MISO, KID DEE, ANT-ONE, RUBY RED I & CEEROCK.

What's My Name ft. Drake [instrumental]
Love Song Ft. Future - Dj Sliink Remix
Yeah She Said It - Millz Douglas
You Da One - J.u.D. Remix
Take Care feat. Drake - Lally Remix
Jamez Joint - OSAGE Remix
Cockiness - Jonas LR remix
BBHMM - Krs. 
You Da One - Factuel Remix

Pour it Up - Wantigga Flip
Don't Stop The Music - Eli Zakka Discotronik Edit
Needed Me - Jakoban X D!avolo Remix
Sex WIth Me MIXXXXX - ibeonsumkidshitt
KissItBetter - Yellowlunarhuman
Work feat. Drake - sevnth, blush & tarro remix
Diamonds - Dj Sliink Remix
Rudeboy - AObeats Flip