Step into the KKR time machine and lets take it back to the the FREESTYLE era...a time where hairspray was a hot commodity and dance music blasted thru the radio airwaves.  Curated by DJ Kid Dee, the Krazy Kids touch base on classic fashion, hairstyles, and timeless dance moves.  Listen up as we take you on a trip back into time....AYYYYEEE!!!!

Mixed by KID DEE. Hosted by J-BOO with MISO, $IR TIPP, RUBY RED-I and CEEROCK. 

Track list:
Electric Kingdom (instrumental) - Twilight 22
Boogie Down Bronx - Freeze Force
Let The Beat Hit Em - Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
Show Me - The Cover Girls
Wonder If I Take You Home - Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
Let The Music Play - Shannon
Spring Love - Stevie B
Funky Little Beat - Connie
Tell It To My Heart - Taylor Dayne
Point Of No Return - Expose
Foreverlasting - April
Change On Me - Cynthia
Dreaming Of Love - Stevie B
If You Leave Me - Jaya
I Wanna Be The One- Stevie B
Losing My Heart Over You - April

Don’t Stop The Rock - Freestyle
Rainforest - Paul Hardcastle
Its Time - Hashim
122 BPM (instrumental)
Planet Rock - Africa Bambaata & Soul Sonic Force
Its Automatic - Freestyle
Rock At Your Own Risk - Planet Patrol
Egypt, Egypt - Egyptian Lover
Give It All You Got - Afro-Rican
Fantasy Girl - Johnny O
Supersonic - JJ Fad
Sally (That Girl) - Gucci Crew
Shake It - MC Shy D
Something 2 Dance 2 -NWA
Tour De France - Kraftwerk (instrumental)